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  1. The THOR TARP Division of ODIN International, Inc. warrants its Flexible Film and Fabric products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of purchase. Replacement or repair, should defects exist, will be at the discretion of THOR TARP, provided written notification of such defect is made to the company within 30 days of purchase. This warranty does not extend to damage done through mishandling or misuse of the product.
  2. Note: Longevity varies with actual location and weather conditions which include sun or shade, extreme heat or cold, wind, altitude, installation and many other variables. Because of these variables, we cannot determine exact longevity but the values shown should represent average lifespans.
  3. Specifications, as listed, have been obtained from tests we believe to be reliable. Suitability for your particular application should be determined, if necessary, through independent testing.

Warning: Due to a large tarpaulin's tendency to billow and lift in extreme winds, care should be taken to properly secure any object used for anchoring the cover as a weight. In the case of sandbags and old tires, in many cases it is advisable to tie these objects together in a netting fashion to integrate their ability to stay in place and hold down the tarp. In NO CASE, should objects be used that are sharp or hard that may become airborne if the anchoring system fails and the sail effects of the tarpaulin come into play.