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Privacy Tarps

Standard Tarp Specs: Size: 7ft 8in x 50ft
Type: ThoroWeave 870

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Has your peak tennis game ever been hampered due to the windy weather conditions? Do you find yourself in the presence of nosey neighbors? Need to keep a private area really private? If you have answered yes to any of the questions above you’re an excellent candidate for a THOR Privacy Tarp. All of our products are made from the finest materials and are sure to last you longer than anybody else on the market. Our privacy tarps can also be used for fence tarps, wind breaking tarps, barrier tarps, or just about any other use you can dream up. Get the optimal level of protection from the elements or unwelcome eyes by picking the correct amount of weave percentage. The higher the percent the less wind and visibility through the tarp there is. Pick the one that’s right for you by using our Specifications table above, and make it a THOR Tarp today so you don’t have to worry about your investment tomorrow!

Waterproof Overlap Shingling of Modular Tarps

Porch Enclosure
Porch Curtain
Porch Enclosure Porch Enclosure

Fence 4Fence 4
Fence 1Fence 3Fence 2
Fence 4Fence 5