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Applications: Telecommunications

  • DuraShield 8000 ASFR


Telephone and electric utilities with sensitive digital equipment to protect need DuraShield™ 8000 ASFR with its antistatic and fire retardant properties:

  • Prefinished Tarpaulins with double needle lock-stitched rope enclosed hems, non-sparking solid brass #2 (3/8" ID) grommets @ 2' centers, individually poly bagged. Available for quick shipment.
    Prefinished sizes: 8' x 10', 10' x 12', 12' x 15'
    Color: White
  • Stock Rolls with cut edge hems, folded on width to 5', rolled on length; intended for pulling off amount needed and cutting to size. Available for quick shipment.
    Roll sizes: 12' x 100', 24' x 100', 12' x 250', 12' x 500', 24' x 320'
    Color: White
  • Rain Drain Kits for immediate protection in any emergency. Protect your revenue lifeline from water, dust and electrostatic discharge. Available for quick shipment.
    Color: White
  • Configure your own custom sized sheet or tarp