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Applications: Transportation

Meet FAA runway construction requirements with Genuine THOR Tarp Safety Yellow Runway Markers.

Let THOR's over the road truck tarps protection so you can protect your customers' products . . . and their peace of mind. Protect the goods you are hauling from wind, rain, snow, ice and sun, from diesel smoke and salt, from debris and other road damage. And with loose loads like gravel, regulations are now in place in most states that mandate a full size protective cover.

Cover big, bulky, uncrated equipment with ThoroShield 1850 or 2250, heavy duty vinyl coated nylon designed for the long haul. We can custom size your truck tarp, or you can order one size to use on a variety of loads. Finish it with grommets, D-rings or pipe loops for even more tie down flexibility.

When you have a crate to haul, get a five-sided cover made from one of our DuraShield line of products. This tough yet lightweight reinforced material can also be fastened with hook and loop fasteners, grommets or pipe loops.

Specify our ThoroWeave 950 HMT or 700 MCM open weave polypropylene tarp or vinyl coated polyester mesh that contains debris while letting air through to relieve air pressure which tears most ordinary tarps. Both are perfect for hot asphalt loads, because they will keep heat in yet not stick to the asphalt like canvas will.

The applications for THOR tarps in the transportation industry are widely varied. Roll-off covers for construction dumpsters, rail car covers for moving loads and stationary aggregate-loaded cars on the siding, simple slip sheets between loads of grain all need a protective cover made to your specs out of exactly the right material for the application.

Dump Truck cover Dump Truck cover Dump Truck cover Dump Truck cover Dump Truck cover

Dump Truck cover Dump Truck cover Dump Truck cover